We give practices the support they need

so the doctors can focus on patient care.

We are a multi-disciplinary and innovative healthcare organization committed to increase accessibility to care and guarantee high quality services for patients, providers and all stakeholders in the  industry by applying an integrated approach and efficient use of resources to build and implement outcome oriented models.

A health care network that sets quality-driven reference models, breaks preventive care and disease management paradigms, and establishes itself as the preferred model of practice, partner, and employer of the community.

Darsalud Management strives to build a network of clinics and providers that will work together to provide patients with quality, comprehensive health care. Each practice in our network plays is integral component in making this happen increasing the range of patients that have access to our care or by increasing the services offered by the network. 

Increase Productivity
In order to increase ensure our goal to improve patient outcomes is reached we must ensure that each clinic in the network is productive. We assume the administrative responsibilities so that the providers can focus on providing quality care to the patient without sacrificing the practices growth.. 
Optimize Efficiency

In order to ensure that every patient receives the same quality care we must optimize the efficient use of our resources including: equipment, supplies, and most importantly personnel. 

Mitigate Costs


In order to our patients truly have access to care we must make it affordable to everyone. In order to do this we must make sure that every dollar spent is necessary. By keeping our practices costs down we are able to keep the prices down and our patients are able to receive the care they need.


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