Human Resouces

   Today’s healthcare organizations are under more pressure from more sides than ever before. Compliance with the Affordable Care Act. Compliance with HIPAA. Adjusting to plummeting healthcare reimbursement rates. And of course, they still have to recruit and maintain a productive, efficient workforce while competing with every other healthcare organization for too-scarce talent.


   In order for healthcare practices to stay competitive and compliant, there is significant value in becoming one large practice management organization. As these practices grow to leverage size, there is added risk so now must be consistent in their HR function ranging from employee handbooks and performance management reviews to benefits administration and payroll. DS management not only helps make sure you are not left open to lawsuits and fines from the DOL but just importantly that there is added ROI from the overall integration strategy.


How is your healthcare organization dealing with all this?



   As a practice management organization, you can build your own internal "shared services" HR function or you can bring in DS management's turn-key solution. We can implement our "best practices solution" which covers Payroll, HR and Benefits Administration.with DS management, you can reduce compliance risks, boost profitability, and improve employee relations and productivity. At the helm of your benefits administration function, you can offer a simple process for reconciling carrier invoices, managing benefits enrollment, plan changes, and administration.


 Here is an abbreviated list of items your dedicated Benefits Administrator will be doing on your behalf:


  • Reconciling all the carrier invoices to save you money

  • Working with our attorneys on specific issues (ERISA, HIPAA, ACA, etc.)

  • Assisting with benefits related employee communication

  • Assisting with and tracking ACA compliance to avoid fines and lawsuits

  • Working in conjunction with your broker to resolve any benefits related issues

  • Assisting with managing any third party vendors for Cobra, FSA, HSA, etc.

  • You will find our dedicated and friendly staff is easily accessible and is constantly working behind the scenes to maintain compliance, lower costs, and deliver a great customer experience for you and your team.


    DS management provides innovative workforce management solutions for the entire healthcare continuum. We believe that linking clinical outcomes with financial results is the best way to improve performance, and our solutions empower our clients to realize the benefits of high quality, cost-effective care.




we help your practice reduce risks and grow profitably in a rapidly changing healthcare market. Contact us today to see how our healthcare management solutions can help you save time, money, and resources and put all of those back into growing your practice.