In the world of healthcare marketing, it takes more than hard work and good intentions in order to stay ahead of the curve. An effective physician marketing campaign requires that today’s medical professionals  establish a  solid foothold in their particular niche by focusing on what really matters.We help practices to advance their  position by revealing the substantialeconomic impact that a growing health care facility may have on its surrounding community



    DS management focus on providing you with the tools and medical marketing ideas that you need in order to master the finer points of healthcare services marketing, including:



  • Creating a Blueprint for Medical Practice Marketing Success

  • Establishing Dynamic Web Presence

  • Developing a Dependable Referral Network

  • Fine Tuning Rainmaking Skills (for People who Hate to Sell)


   The internet is an influential and integrated part of our lives—which means your practice needs to be online. Unfortunately, lots of medical professionals have significant misconceptions about internet marketing that set them up for failure in the busy, overloaded Web. Contrary to what you might think, doctor, that website you had put together five years ago (that you haven’t updated since…) is not cutting it. You need a comprehensive plan to coordinate an online footprint that covers your website, social media presence, search engine ranking, and review sites. That’s where we can help.