Patient FAQs

1. Is DS Management a Clinic?


No. DS Management does not actually treat any patients. We provide practices with the tools and support they need to provide their patients with quality health care.


2. Do I have to be a member or join a subscription to be seen at a clinic powered by DS Management?


No. DS Management is not an insurance or a membership. We have simply partnered with our clients to help the day-to-day operations so that the doctors can focus on helping the patient instead of administrative work.


3. Can I be seen at any of the location powered  by DSM?


Yes. One of the many benefits of being seen by a DS Management Clinic is that you have access to all of the services we offer and your PCP will have access to any of the services you may have received at another DS Management location.


4. Can I be seen for Specialty services such as Optometry and Diabetes even though my PCP is not a DS Management client?


Yes Just request to your PCP that he refer you or call us directly and we can help you make an appointment.


5. When I see my doctor do I pay him or do I pay DS Management?


Any payments made should be directly to the location where the service was rendered. We do not receive any payments from patients. If you send a payment to our office for services rendered at any of our clinics  we will post it to that clinics account.


6. Can you help me schedule my appointment?


Yes. we have a bi-lingual (English/Spanish) call center eager to help you get the care you need. They can help you make an appointment at any of the locations in our network.


7. Do i need insurance to be seen by any of the clinics?



No. All of our clinics accept patients without insurance. One of the benefits of being seen by a clinic powered  by DS Management is that we strive to increase the access to top quality health care.


8. Do all the clinics in DS Management participate in the Vida+ Program?


No. Unfortunately Vida+ is not offered at all locations at this time. It can only offer the discounts to patients being seen at Darsalud Care or the Lifedoc location. For more information on vidaplus please go to


9. How will I benefit from being seen by a DS Management Clinic?


By becoming a patient within our network you will have the opportunity to take advantage of a unique model which coordinates the care among many different specialties.  Our staff works diligently to make sure all your healthcare needs are taken care of.


10. If my provider partners with DS Management does this mean it is no longer his clinic?


No. We do not own any of the clinics we manage. If your doctor joins our network he/she still owns the practice. We are simply a partner to help ensure all the  administrative and operational responsibilities are completed



*For any additional questions please feel free to contact us directly by email ( or call us at 901-922-5951.