1. What are the largest problems facing many private  practices?


Most of the private practice who end up closing or selling their practice do so for one or more of the following reasons:


-Administrative overheads are too much to handle.

-Clinical and administrative responsibilities can overwhelm practitioners.

-Liability and accountability fall solely on the owner/provider.

-Shortage of providers  in TN is a reality that affect growth and cost.

-Costly overhead makes it difficult for small-practice owners  to take time away for    vacations, enjoy family time, or incur a personal sick day because it affects productivity  and generates expenses.

-All the time and effort is not adequately compensated.


2. What is the Darsalud Provider Network (DPN) initiative?


DPN is oriented toward helping providers practice independently, increase productivity and minimize their cost overhead by providing infrastructure, managerial and administrative components for the practice, thereby allowing the physician to focus on clinical components.


3. Are the providers Darsalud employees?


No. The objective of DPN is to offer the provider an opportunity to practice in a private setting allowing both parties the opportunity to grow their practices by working together and developing a partnership based on productivity.


4. What does the Darsalud  Provider Network provide?


The main obstacles facing private practices are high overhead and operational costs. Most practices spend 65-85% of their reimbursement on merely keeping the clinic open. This leaves very little profit compared to the physical, psychological, and emotional strain  placed on the provider.  DPN provides an array of resources which eliminate these costs, therefore ensuring the continuous growth and prosperity of the physician.  These resources include:

-Office Space/Utilities

-Cloud based EMR system

-Support Staff (MA, RN, and front office)

-Fully equipped call center

-Accounting support

-Billing and Collections

-Administrative and Clinical training sessions

-Coverage for providers 

-Access to cash patients


5. Who can join?


Any  health –related practice. We are constantly expanding our provider specialties in order to offer our pool of patients the best, most complete care possible.We support a variety of specialties including  but not limited to:

 -Internal Medicine

 -Family Medicine










-Nurse Practitioners & Physician Assistants

-Dieticians & Nutritionists



6. What is the provider's income?


As previously mentioned, the provider is not a DS Management employee, but rather a partner. Therefore, the income is a percentage of Total reimbursement agreed in partnership agreement which is based on productivity . Since our goal is to make the practice more efficient and productive; the income would also increase.


7. What are the determining factors in provider revenue?


The cost  is determined after a practice analysis is conducted by DS Management.   In order to fulfill this practice analysis a due diligence process  will be initiated after signing a non-disclosure agreement  The required information for this process must be provided by the owner and/or  administrator of the practices .  Templates and additional assistance can be provided by DS Management if needed.


8. How will my clinic benefit from joining the DPN ?


DPN's Care Coordination campaigns will provide the practice with continuous patient monitoring and referrals.By implementing patient care protocols DPN can place MD, NP, PAs in absence of provider in order for clinic  to continue servicing patient without provider having to be present  which will benefit both parties.You will have access to other Providers within DPN network in order to provide the patient with integrated medical care.  You will have be able to review the patients complete medical records through a common EMR system; and scheduling will be optimized by decreasing the no-show rate through constant communication with the patient.


9. How will I, the owner,  benefit by  joining the DPN?


By joining the DPN you will improve your quality of life, lower stress and liability by ensuring your practice runs smoothly. You will personally benefit from:

-Eliminate your overhead and operational expenses.

-Maximized use of infrastructure, equipment and resources.

-Ability to focus on practicing medicine instead of the splitting time between  administrative and clinical duties.

-Maximized reimbursement    

The standardization of clinical and administrative protocols will :

-Increase you productivy .

-Optimize your efficiency

-Allow covering providers to fill induring your  vacations , illness or personal time off 


10. Do you have to own your own practice to join DPN?


You do not have to own your own practice in order to join the DPN. If you and independent contractor and do not have office space we can provide it as part of our partnership agreement along with the other services mentioned above.



*For any additional questions please feel free to contact us directly by email ( or call us at 901-922-5951.