Who We Are


Darsalud Management is a Provider-oriented Practice management company dedicated to helping practices succeed and grow in this ever changing industry.We offer practices the opportunity to focus on patient care and satisfaction by providing them with all the necessary support they need to maximize reimbursement and growth . This allows physicians to work together with other providers in the network to provide patients with Integrated and Coordinated, Comprehensive care

Our Core Values


Transparency “ Ignorance is not bliss”


•Our transparency ensures that everyone that is a part of our organization is clear on what needs to be done”


Honesty “ Secrets don’t make friends”


•Our organization relies on all parties involved to trust they have each others best interest in mind.


Ethical “Doing what is right is always better”


•Our organization pushes our employees to meet our high ethical standards to ensure all  quality, legal, and personal expectations are met and exceeded.


Accountability “ We hold ourselves accountable to exceed your healthcare expectations”


•We take all the necessary precautions to ensure that our policies, procedures, and protocols help us     deliver what we promise.


Self-motivated “Our Drive is our fuel to reach our goal”


•Our organization is made up of people with one vision…To make a difference


Patient Care Oriented “We want to make a positive impact in each patient’s life”


•Our organization’s growth depends on always putting the patient first.


Resilient “We are in it to win it”


•In order to achieve our purpose we will overcome any obstacle that is thrown our way.


Quality-Oriented “We deliver results”


•Our evidence-based approach to healthcare industry ensures that we deliver the best outcomes.


Innovative “ We live outside the box”


•Putting the patient’s outcomes first, allows us to implement innovative models which break the traditional approach to medicine


Knowledgable “We love to learn”


•To maintain our model up-to-date, We constantly seek to learn from things that are happening in the healthcare industry, as well as within the organization


Proactive “We encourage a proactive work environment”


•By cross-training our staff and eliminating the constraints which slow down many organizations we are able to provide the best solutions quickly.


Responsibility “Healthcare is our main Responsibility”


•In order to provide the best services we hand select responsible teams who will get the job done no matter what


Dedication “We are in it for the long-haul”


•We dedicate all our efforts eliminate the development of preventable health complications


Loyalty “We pledge allegiance to our patients…”


•We will stand by our pledge to do what is best for those who count on us


Simplicity “ We provide simple solutions to real problems”


•By having a deep understanding of the real world problems we are able to come up with simple solutions to complex issues.


Efficacy “Working Smart not Hard”


•By efficient use of our time, supplies, technology and other resources we ensure that everyone and everything fulfills their purpose.


Prudence “Less is More”


•By eliminating unnecessary spending we are able to focus all our resources on providing the best service possible.


Sustainability “In order to help… we must be in a position to help”


•By ensuring we have a self-sufficient and profitable model, our organization will grow and be able to help more people.





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